Corinna Weinheimer-Erith
                                    Paper craft             Conservation

"Museum Assistance" offers help to museums or other collections, which house musical instruments. Small museums which have little or no resources to care for their musical instruments may find the service on offer the most useful. The assistance offered requires minimal material and workspace and can therefore be executed on site.

In my time as an employee at the Ringve Museum in Trondheim I had the opportunity and privilege to visit many museums and on some occasions execute work for them. This experience gave me the idea for "Museum Assistance". Many collections contain musical instruments, but unfortunately not all of them have the capacity or expertise to preserve these precious witnesses of an important heritage. The ambulant "Museum Assistance" can help here.

"Museum Assistance" may also be of interest to museums and collections planning a reorganisation or when planning to mount a temporary exhibition. I also offer assistance in improving the storage of musical instruments so as to avoid degradation. Assistance is offered in the planning as well as the production stages.

I would welcome ideas and requests in other areas if it is thought that help would be useful.